Winging It...

So this is my first attempt at writing some sort of blog about my current life as a mummy of 3 and to give some exercises and tips that may be helpful to mummies out there. Read it, like it, share it or ignore it! I'm hoping that some of the things that I will write about will help those of you that are new mummies or have small children already - many of you who I have seen over the years in my classes. Also as a way of staying in touch with you whilst I am on my maternity leave.

I have entitled this first post as #wingingit although I'm not sure I'm even doing that, really just surviving! We are now 6 weeks in with our new arrival and in theory past the most difficult bit, which, I have to disagree with as I watch my 'threenanger' and 5 going on 15 year old!!

At least one thing I know is for certain; everything will pass, it's just another phase! Which is a good job as I spent most of yesterday and the day before feeding the baby due to her 6 week growth spurt just in time for our two week holiday! She'll have to squeeze into the stuff I've packed!

What I also love about the first weeks and months is I can indulge in food and treats and not feel the slightest bit guilty as there will be time ahead for me to address any extra pounds I want to loose - the rest of my life most likely!

What I can concentrate on are certain exercises to help me postpartum and having an awareness of my body and posture whilst I'm doing all those baby things that put so much stress on your body; feeding, pushing prams, carrying car seat, bending over cots, unloading washing (soo much washing!) Etc etc the list is endless!

So for those of you that are interested, watch this space for regular updates on some exercises tips and hints to help you through your pregnancy or post pregnancy days and also for my upcoming postnatal mummy and babies course which I'm hoping to run in the near future from my new Home Studio which I'm very excited about!

PS this has taken me a week to eventually write and post - as they say, if it's not one it's the other , if it's not the other, it's the other, and if it's not the other it's the dog!!

As my mum has always said "a woman's work is never done!" #sotrue

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