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Updated: Mar 10

I have not blogged for a while....almost two years in fact! Apparently that is how busy it is being a mum of three!!! I still can't quite believe that statement have I become a mum of three children? When did I become so grown up and responsible for three small people? Surely I am still 18 and about to jet off to Malia with my girlfriends?!! (a very distant memory, particularly amid the current Covid pandemic).

I wrote a few blogs when my youngest was a few weeks old (funny what those hormones do!) and not I thought about starting at the beginning of my journey to motherhood, or maybe my journey of teaching but we'd be here for days, so for now, I thought I'd start in the present....and the effects three pregnancies and beginning a family has had on me, my body and my teaching.

I am truly blessed to have housed and birthed three beautiful, healthy, (all be it very noisy!) children. But my journey has not been straight forward, but who's is? From miscarriages, Hyperemesis, PGP, Polyhydramnios, hernias and diastasis….I joke with my clients that it is all market research so I can empathise with the complaints pregnancy and postpartum brings!

Pregnancy sure does put our bodies through it, but also shows us how strong and amazing our bodies can be! From someone who has also been active through dancing (mainly) and then Pilates and running in more recent years, watching the change your body goes through is wonderful but also scary. How will I ever be strong again? Will my stomach ever look the same? Will my boobs ever grow (or shrink!) WHEN will I be able to run/jump/squat/swim/do weights again….SHOULD I be running/jumping/squatting/swimming/lifting… many questions and not enough coverage on it. I get so much fulfilment from talking through these questions with my clients and helping them get back on track.

I have been there, and still am there. It has definitely taken longer after each pregnancy to gain the strength, stamina and ‘normality’ back to the body. The body changes though. But I personally believe for the better. Stronger. Balanced.

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