Summer holidays?

A distant memory!

I think most of us are back into the full throttle of 'normality' aka , everyone loosing their **** before 8.30am, even those of you who do not have to deal with the joys of the school run yet, the roads, the trains, the general 'routine' of everyday life.

Apparently (so the books say) babies thrive on a routine. Need a routine. Love a routine. This is all well and good if your baby has read the book and complies with your day to day routine...with baby number three I'm still trying to 'get it right'.

My firstborn definitely did not read the book, not even the front page; whilst I read all of them and even then I found no answers (he was a silent reflux baby, undiagnosed for five months), so we had number two quite quickly as a newborn fell into our non sleeping routine anyway. She, on the other hand, had read all the books, every page, whilst I read none. And number 3 it seems has read the first few chapters and then fell asleep!

To those of you with your first babies, indulge in those mornings when you can stay in your PJ's most of the day, or sleep when the baby does, because you can. It won't be long before you are either back to the work routine or have another baby and once those things happen, you hope you've got a baby who read all the books and will just fall into line with whichever plan you've got going on that day!

Are we all conditioned to adhere routine?

Do you need that focus in your everyday? Are you a stickler for schedules or are you a free spirit - happy to go with the flow?

Which category do your children fall into?

Are you a household of opposites?

Whichever you are , try to find the time in your week for you , a little me time whatever it may be.

Maybe a little Pilates?!

Head to my You Tube channel for some simple Pilates routines you can schedule in to that 'me' hopefully a hot cup of tea!

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