I've not blogged for a while...turns out life is quite busy with 3 little ones ?

We are currently holidaying in Cyprus, catching the last bit of Vitamin D before we head back to Winter. I think people thought we were a bit mad coming away with a 5,3 and 4 month old....I'd tend to agree with them!

We fly home tomorrow, so far everyone is alive. Just. And as long as the waiter keeps supplying me with my 'mummy milkshake' (?) I'm just about surviving.

My 'mum tan' is coming along nicely. My arms and the back of my neck look deceptively tanned against the milky white of my legs and face. My husband 'daddys tan' is doing slightly better due to the reflection from the pool where he's spending most the day.

Jokes aside though it has been a gorgeous break and well needed all round. Winter is around the corner but always lots to look forward too with family birthdays, christenings and of course the impending arrival of the big FC.

Lots to do.

I shall embrace the carnage...

So with that in mind I'll pick up my book and see if I can push past the average 3 pages a day before the baby gets woken up by quite possibly the loudest threenanger on this Island (you guessed right, I'm talking about my daughter).

On second thoughts, where's that waiter....

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