Just Breathe


“How do I breathe?!” Probably the most common question I get asked from someone new to Pilates.

The answer? As above. It’s easy. You are doing it now, reading this, you do it in your sleep, it’s an involuntary act to keep us alive, however when we have to apply it to a new skill, it can really get us stumped.

My answer to the question is, “ Just breathe. As long as you are breathing, not holding your breath and moving, you are doing great. The breath control will come, but for now, just breathe.”

Don’t get me wrong, correct breath control in Pilates is very important and one of its key principles, but it is a skill that will improve with practice and is not something to put you off from the exercises when you begin. I won’t bore you (yet) with the science, but essentially you are strengthening your centre on the exhale and most movement occurs on the exhale.

Pilates in its simplest form is discovering how the body can move and applying it to everyday life; sitting at a desk, standing in a que, unloading the washing machine, pushing a buggy. In its most complex form it will challenge you not only in strength, but stamina, flexibility and co-ordination; and when you reach this latter phase, breath control is hugely important and will be challenged.

Learning how to breathe correctly is connected to using your whole ‘core’, including your oh-so-important pelvic floor (which will have its own designated blog ,?), therefore it is a great place to begin and these breathing exercises will not only help with subsequent exercises I will post, but can be really beneficial in relaxing in general and of course, during labour.

The exercises are super easy and can be done anywhere, anytime and will benefit all.

Head to my You Tube channel to practice...

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