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Hands up who's back from their hols?
Which camp are you in?
Send me back right now or get these kids back to some sort of normality?!
I find myself teetering between the two.
What a wonderful summer we have had, after the never ending rain of Winter and Spring , which now seems a distant memory, it has been glorious. Not that enjoyable during the last trimester or giving birth in a heatwave, but I'm pleased it has stuck around so I could enjoy our holiday on the South Coast.
Wherever you have holidayed I hope you have managed to grab one or two of those 'feeling centered' moments. The 'feels good to be alive' , 'lets cherish this', type moment.
Maybe watching your offspring play in the water, happy and carefree, or getting a moment's peace on the beach listening to the gentle laps of the waves...
..Obviously all to be undone in a split second when a child runs past kicking sand in your face or the playfulness of the siblings quickly turning into WW3; but hey at least is was a 'moment' !
It's so important to try and grab these mental centering moments, try to re visit them in times of relaxation or when you need to find inner calm. ( I imagine for most of you with small children you'll need to revisit it throughout the day at this stage of the holidays, whilst grabbing the wine!)
During my last labour I visualised Swanage Bay, where we have been holidaying these past few weeks; it's my 'go to' relaxed place.
Couple the calming image together with the breathing exercises from last week's post, especially helpful during labour, or to help you sleep.
But feeling centered in the physical sense is what Pilates aims to teach. And by connecting with your 'centre' your 'core' your 'powerhouse' whatever you wish to refer it to, the stronger you will become in everyday tasks and the aches and pains of lower back, hips, shoulders etc should lessen.
In this next installment I'll take you through a short routine of simple exercises to help you find and strengthen your centre. I'll discuss it together with your breath, which was discussed last time (see previous note #justbreathe) and take you through a short routine, step by step, for you to follow with me.
It's a 7 minute video, you can follow it in an advert break or whilst the children are having their tea - try to find that small window of opportunity.
Head to my You Tube channel to watch...
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