This class is aimed at new mummies and their babies, from 6 weeks to crawling. 

The class will help to re-strengthen those muscles so importantly used during your pregnancy and subsequent labour and enable you to reconnect with your body and focus the mind in a calm and relaxing environment.

Exercises will focus on drawing together your stomach muscles and strengthen the pelvic floor as well as toning other parts of your body and gentle stretching. The classes also focus on posture in relation to feeding, carrying, pushchair use: all the new everyday things your body has to adapt to now baby is here! 

The class is also a great way to meet other new mums and babies! 



This package includes the above PLUS a 1:1 session to pin point specific issues more precisely and to receive a video of easy to follow, bitesize exercises. 

This package will be very helpful for anyone who would like a little more 1:1 focus to help them with their recovery after birth, for example with Diastasis, pelvic floor weakness or Pelvic girdle pain. 



Straight from the Source

Sasha is a genius! After 2 tricky pregnancies and deliveries she's helped me regain my strength and feel like me again. She's easy going, kind and crammed with wisdom,(Pilates, baby's and life in general!) and funny and I always enjoy her classes. I cannot thank her enough.

Claire K

I came to Sasha after having my 3rd child in just over 3 years and my body really needed help. It felt weak and like it was starting to full apart. A year later I feel so much stronger and the way I hold myself has changed for the better. It has made me feel mentally stronger as I used the sessions as a bit of me time even though my youngest was next to me the whole time. I thoroughly recommend Sasha. A busy mum herself she really understands what you are going through mentally and physically and this shines through in her classes.

Jenny M